Professor Laurits Lauritsen
Deus Absconditus-the Hidden God apprehended as a field of human experience

If by the term the Self we refer to the Cartesian cogito, and more specifically its necessary capacity of elementary reflexion upon itself, the continual procedure of reflexion is tracing the outline of a field of human experience, i.e. the conviction of my own being as something logically prior to all other kinds of convictions. The essential feature of this fundamental human experience is precisely its freedom, i.e. meaning also that it is not asserting anything predicatively about this Self except its pure being. Whatever the logical status of the Self may be, discussions about the Self might be conducted inside a field of human experiences. This paper outlines the peculiar feature of a certain gradual discovery inside this field of something like a “source” for which we are the “current”, the “place” from which we are “coming from”, the “word” from which we are “spoken”, the transcendental precondition of our very conviction of our existence, or maybe something similar to the proprioperceptive act of knowing.