Adyashanti’s teaching on the No-Self Experience.

In this paper an attempt is made to present Adyashanti’s rich and profound rendering of the lived experience of No-Self. To fully understand what this state entails, it is necessary to view the trajectory of forms and qualities that consciousness can take during the spiritual unfolding, and how the experience of No-Self fits in into the overall arch of awakening from Ego to Self, and from Self to No-Self. This presentation is based on a Study Course by Adyashanti, called the Experience of No-Self, and addresses and thoroughly discuss issues concerning Ego, Self and No-Self, defined as particular acts and types of consciousness, and the shifting from Ego to Self and from Self to No-Self - and the ensuing loss of will of Ego and Self. Finally, the paper presents what is entailed in letting go of both Ego and Self, and elaborates on the human expression of life beyond self - and thus of becoming what we eternally are.